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Office Massage in Montreal

Improve Office Productivity

Every employer would love it if their employees were 100% productive all the time. Unfortunately, humans are not meant to go at top speed for long periods; they need rest, relaxation and a chance to decompress before they move on to the next project or assignment.

Even a business owner, who lives, breathes, and eats their work needs time to recharge their batteries, so they can make the right decisions and portray the right image of the company.

Of course, time is an extremely valuable commodity and even time spent getting ready to tackle whatever is next has to be managed correctly.

5-15 minutes is all it takes to get you or your employees back on track!

What is an Office Massage?

Jennifer will come to your place of business and give employees a 5 to 15 minute massage therapy session at their desks. The employee can choose to have their hands, arms, upper back, shoulders or neck massaged depending on where they feel the most tension that day. Then they need only sit back and relax.

Does it really work?

Many studies and websites are dedicated to the effectiveness of massage at reducing stress and improving productivity.

One of the most influential studies was published in 1997, titled “Massage therapy as a workplace intervention for reduction of stress”.

The study found that that there was a significant reduction of blood pressure after a 15 minute on-site seated massage therapy session.

A Great way for Montreal Employers Appreciate their Employees

A hard working employee will inevitably become stressed. Show them that you acknowledge their effort by providing them with an office massage session because what helps your employees work better helps your business move forward.

A Helpful Tip for Employers about Productivity in the Office

A 10 year study from Exeter University, UK has found that having plants in an office environment raises productivity by 15%. If your Montreal office is without any greenery, perhaps give it some consideration.