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Massage Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I often get an answering machine when I call?

For a massage therapy to be its most effective an atmosphere of quiet and relaxation is needed during the treatment. This cannot happen if the therapist stops treatments to take calls. Thus, if you call and are prompted to the answering machine, please understand that this is likely due to Jennifer attending to another client.

What information should I leave on the answering machine?

Please leave your name, number and a short explanation of the reason for your call.

How many massages will I need to relieve a recurring or chronic issue?

This depends on the individual in question. One massage will definitely lead you to feel much better but depending on the severity of the issue it may take several session to completely remove the problem.

There is also the concern of recurring stressors.

For instance, if you do a lot of heavy lifting then you can only fix problems as they come as no amount of massage will permanently fix an issue if you are continually doing a bit more activity than your body can take.

This is also true for people under a great deal of stress. If you work in a fast paced industry that demands a great deal of you, then you will benefit from a regular scheduled, though perhaps infrequent, therapy.

Under stress, the muscles unconsciously contract because your body is actually physically manifesting the mental weight you are carrying. Just think about it. When we are stressed we clench our jaws, hunch our back and even tighten our abdomen. This is the exact same process we take when lifting something heavy. It is just the body saying to the mind, “wow we are going through some rough times, but don’t worry buddy I’ll take as much of the weight off you as I can.”

It is your body trying to redistribute mental stress and spread it out so that your mind can keep going.

Are there any side effects to a massage therapy?

It is not uncommon to feel like your body has had a bit of a workout the day after an intense massage therapy session. This is because the muscles are not used to being manipulated and relaxed, like when you do some sit ups after not doing them for a long time. This is perfectly normal and is a sign that your body is trying to get itself back to the way it was before it had all the tension that the massage removed.

I have heard that a few people feel a great deal of emotion after a massage. Why is that?

Many emotions, happiness, sadness, frustration, stress, etc., cause tension in the muscles of the body. Occasionally, tense muscles store these emotions and a person can go on for years holding that tension and emotion without even knowing it.

If you do feel particularly emotional after a session, then you must realize that it will pass but that it is also a wonderful event. It means that you have finally released some emotional tension and your body and mind are on the road to deep healing.

It must also be said that it is a rare occurrence.